Play Me, I’m Yours

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Screen Shot 2014 03 06 at 1.34.26 pm 300x225 Play Me, Im Yours

Play Me, I’m Yours is a international travelling artwork, by artist Luke Jerram, which features the installation of pianos decorated by artists, arts organisations and community groups throughout the streets of the host city. The project, which invites the public to participate by playing the pianos, aims to encourage social interaction in urban environments. Photo (left) courtesy of (uploaded by Elizabeth. Main lawn, Arts Centre Melbourne)

Play Me, I’m Yours hit the streets of Melbourne from 9th- 27th January 2014, presented by Arts Centre Melbourne as part of the Betty Amsden Participation Program.  In total, 24 decorated pianos were located in public spaces at Arts Centre Melbourne, the CBD and surrounds for anyone to play and enjoy.

play me im yours via facebook 252x300 Play Me, Im YoursWhen the project kicked off in Melbourne the project had seen more than 1050 pianos installed in 38 cities across the globe, since 2008, bearing the simple invitation Play Me, I’m Yours.  It is estimated that the project has reached over four million people worldwide. Photo (right) by Arts Centre Melbourne (via Facebook).

The projects website hosts a website for each city through which the public can upload and share their films, photos and stories of their interaction with the pianos, providing a communication platform for communities not only on a local level but also within an international arena.

Our Executive Director, Emma O’Brien, and her team from Allied Health Music Therapy at the Royal Melbourne Hospital attempted to visit and play all 24 pianos across Melbourne in one day. You can watch Part 1 of their adventures on YouTube here. But whether they made it remains to be seen.