Disseminate and PlaceStories

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Screenshot2 Disseminate and PlaceStories
Screenshot Disseminate and PlaceStories
Disseminate and PlaceStories

In 2009/2010 we partnered with DadaaWA (http://www.dadaawa.org.au) to develop a digital platform the Disseminate Project. Disseminate (http://www.disseminate.net.au) is a national action-based evaluation, research and publishing project that collects and shares resources for the arts and health sectors. Disseminate evidences the benefits of community-based participation in the arts, offering case studies, best practice, evaluation tools and approaches that can serve practitioners, academics and policy makers.

The Disseminate digital platform integrates Feral Arts’ PlaceStories digital storytelling and mapping software platform. PlaceStories (http://ps3beta.com) provides Disseminate with a unique set of storytelling tools enabling artists and community members to create and publish their own stories and projects, and map their networks. PlaceStories is also supporting a number of other story-based arts and health projects in Australia and the United States.