Sing With Tania de Jong AM – Interview

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  The Institute: Welcome Tania, so why are you so passionate about singing? Tania de Jong: About 85% of people have been told by their parents, children, partners, teachers or someone they can’t sing or told not to sing. I’ve heard it all! Our voices have been silenced. The fact is singing is my high….

Sarah Weaver’s OVERLOAD – Part One

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OVERLOAD – Part One by Sarah Weaver OVERLOAD is a group art exhibition created to raise awareness of hereditary haemochromatosis (iron overload), a gastrointestinal condition and our most common recessive gene disorder. In 2004 Kevin, my ex-husband, was diagnosed with haemochromatosis after roughly 10 years of serious declining health. Kevin’s illness began in the mid…

From The Desk of Emma O’Brien – September 2014

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The Institute has been busy working with the team from VicHealth on the first forum for arts and health practitioners and stakeholders rolling out the National Arts and Health Framework. A special thanks to everyone who has contributed to this effort and continues to offer their expertise. We co-presented the forum with VicHealth on the…