The Art of Recovery

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Dooralong Transformation Centre, managed by The Salvation Army, is a long-term residential program for those with alcohol and other addictions. The Centre runs The Bridge programme, a holistic approach to recovery, and works with the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Troy is a graduate mentor at Dooralong. He’s completed the ten month program and has…

Guest Blogger OVERLOAD Part two

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OVERLOAD is a group art exhibition created to raise awareness of hereditary haemochromatosis (iron overload), a gastrointestinal condition and our most common recessive gene disorder….. last month we featured part one of this blog here is the second installment. OVERLOAD – Part Two  – Sarah Weaver The treatment for iron overload is by venesection (blood-letting)….

Film Festival Exposes Health Issues

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Pascale is being strapped to her son’s back. Duct tape is wrapped around both of their legs and bodies on the outside of their wetsuits. Pascale is getting her life together following six months in rehab and he’s taking her out on his surfboard. She is wheelchair-bound and he is a blond-haired and fit. They…

Sing With Tania de Jong AM – Interview

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  The Institute: Welcome Tania, so why are you so passionate about singing? Tania de Jong: About 85% of people have been told by their parents, children, partners, teachers or someone they can’t sing or told not to sing. I’ve heard it all! Our voices have been silenced. The fact is singing is my high….